How Do I Introduce My Character’s Appearance?!

Questions that come up when you’re done with your book. “I wrote a whole story about this person and don’t even know what they look like.” No? Okay, maybe it’s just me.

If you are indeed an author of any sort, you probably have a Pinterest board filled with pictures of ladies straight out of a fairy tale and smoldering huncules(no I’m not even kidding, 90% of the men on Pinterest are either 1. smoldering 2. shirtless or 3. ugly #facts). Now, how do you let your readers know what a dashing young man your leading man is? Or how will your audience ever know if your leading lady has one green and one brown eye?

Should you use the mirror technique where they look in the mirror and think about their facial features? (Because we all do that every time we look in the mirror. “Oh wow I never realized I had brown eyes before. And since when did I have blonde hair??” Please no. Click on a random teen fiction book on Wattpad and it will probably have that sort of introduction. But it’s weird and cliche and not to mention doesn’t even happen in real life unless you are actually in front of a mirror and studying your face for some unknown reason.

But anyway, I’m not the one writing the how’s of introducing your character’s looks because I’m still learning myself. BUT feel free to enjoy the source I have linked below. It is a very insightful and helpful tool for letting your readers know what your beloved characters look like.

Source: How do you introduce your character’s appearance?

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Free Printables for Writing Your Novel

Do you ever find yourself halfway into your book before realizing your protagonist doesn’t have a last name? Or maybe you’re about to write a really romantic scene but you CAN’T REMEMBER what eye color you gave the main guy? It’s problematic to say the least and can result in hours spent trying to find where you introduced your character’s name or eye color. (More on that, here.)

Whatever your case, it is very handy to have an organized list of everything regarding your characters (mannerisms, build, likes/dislikes, etc). And, of course, I would not be mentioning such a list without referring you to some great resources.

This character chart is a fun and helpful way to organize details regarding your book characters!

Source: Free Printables for Writing Your Novel

Ksenia Makagonova